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Meguiar’s Whole Car Air Re-fresher Odour Eliminator Mist

Developed by the car care leader comes an easy to use, effective odour eliminator titled the Meguiar’s Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odour Eliminator. Where most air fresheners simply mask stubborn vehicle odour, this product has been engineered to permanently eliminate odour at the molecular level.

Working the same way you would typically use a Mortein bomb, this product is placed in the centre of a vehicles interior and is activated through the use of its locking trigger, emptying the entire contents into the vehicle. This process allows the molecular odour eliminating chemistry to get under seats, through the ventilations system, into the headlining and many other hard to reach areas.

Designed with all vehicles in mind, it is engineered to be extremely effective at eliminating stubborn, pungent odour such as such as cigarette smoke, wet-dog, work out and trade gear and replacing it with a fresh, subtle new car scent.

Best of all it is a one can system, so there is no need to be constantly purchasing new air fresheners to remove unwanted odours. It is most effective when used on a vehicle once the interior is clean with the contents removed, allowing the odour eliminator to reach into every area where odour resides.


“I set it up in my car late one afternoon and after following all the instructions left the car closed in the garage overnight.  My car didn’t have one particular odour that needed eliminating, it just didn’t smell great after transporting kids after sport, shoes being left in the car and dirty schoolbags. The next morning the car smelt amazing and the scent hadn’t faded at all. The directions were really easy to follow and setting up the spray can was very simple. I love the New Car scent and it even has a sticker on packaging to check the smell before buying. It doesn’t leave any residue on the hard surfaces in the car. It’s definitely not as easy as just hooking a tagged air freshener to your mirror. It does take a bit longer and more work than regular air fresheners, 15 minutes to spray and 15 minutes to air out, but if you set this up while washing your car, then you wouldn’t notice the time.”

Lorna, 42, Melbourne



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